Stickers Printing

Stickers printing industry offers a few types of stickers made by different materials. They can be categorised as paper based or film based.

Paper Based

Mirrorkote Paper

1.White and glossy surface, mirror-finished paper.

2.For single or 4 colors labels that require a mirror-like gloss finish.

3.Widely use across industries and economical option.

4.Can opt for finishing with Gloss Lamination or Matt Lamination (water-resistant).

Film Based

Transparent OPP Sticker

1.Clear labels that exhibits low to moderate opacity gloss and stiffness.

2.Provide higher adhesion compare to Mirrorkote Paper on slightly curvy surface (Not suitable for flexible labelling).

3.Water, oil, and chemical resistant.

4.Finishing with Gloss Lamination is recommended for decorative labels - increase durability and resistance to moisture.

Polypropylene Film (White, Silver) (PP)

Widely used across frozen food and beverages, cosmetics, toiletries, luxury articles and promotional labeling, that requiring durability with resistance to moisture, prevents spillage and functional squeezability. It is ideal for applications on non-uniform surfaces or highly squeezable applications.

Synthetic Sticker (Cenic Yupo)

High opacity matte white and synthetic films offers excellent print-ability, writ-ability and tear resistance. Water, oil, chemical, mild acid, grease resistance and tough label stock can be used in both consumer and industrial usages. For example, toiletries, cosmetics, electrical tag (calibration sticker).


White, glossy, soft and tough vinyl film used for both indoor and short - medium terms outdoor labeling (not weather-proof). Medium to high durability and predominantly used in chemical or toxic labeling.

Polyester Film (White, Silver, Gold) (PET)

1.Bright or Matt metallized film featuring excellent tear strength, heat resistance, chemical resistance, and opaque.

2.Permanent adhesive and moderate initial tack.

3.Widely used as specification labels of electric, in- and outdoor electrical appliance, etc.

4.Can opt for finishing with Gloss or Matt Lamination for more protection.

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