Business Card Size

Whether you're a business owner or graphic designer looking to create attractive business card, the first step is knowing how to get started. It's easy to produce a professional-looking business card using whatever software tools you have on your computer. You can start from scratch in any layout program, including Microsoft Word, Publisher or PowerPoint as well as traditional graphics programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. You can also get a fast start by using customizable templates provided in programs such as Publisher. business-cards

Business Card Size Matters

A business card is a marketing piece and it needs to be durable, feel good to touch and be stored where you want it to be. If it's in the wallet or cardholder of a potential client, it needs to be a standard size. If you want to be a bit more flexible and creative, it can be long and thin or big and bold. But mostly, a standard business card size is:

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