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Custom Food Boxes with Logo

WCI Food Package
WCI Food Package
WCI Food Packaging

Food Packaging Solutions for All

We believe that for every top quality food brand there is great food packaging as its representative. For that reason, we consistently strive to create a food packaging design that is functional and visually attractive at the same time. By combining design and messaging with the practical aspect, we prepare our packaging to keep the food protected while communicating your brand identity just the right way.

Meticulous Work for Best Outcomes

Clarity is the very first thing we consider when creating creative food packaging for our clients. Regardless of the design style, we want our printed packaging boxes to deliver the image of the brand behind them. The next thing that we observe is usability. Optimal custom food box design enhances usability and we take great attention to detail in this aspect. Packaging that is simple to open and close, easy to fold and sort after usage, and which can be reused or recycled will satisfy some of the consumers' requirements.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Saving Packaging Options

It is widely known that most packaging will get discarded and becomes litter that will not simply disappear. For plastic packaging only, it takes hundreds of years to decompose while we produce 300 million tonnes of plastic waste every year..
In an attempt to reduce waste, we provide food packaging with safe, recyclable materials. We also optimize our food box design so the whole production process will be more efficient for both time and cost. Feel free to get in touch with our experienced team to get your high-quality yet economical packaging solutions.