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Coffee labels


Coffee labels give your coffee a unique identity and pique the customers' interest. Labels introduce your products to the customers, and it might even be why they will buy them. A prominent coffee label captures the imagination of the customers and allows them to think about other things aside from the coffee itself and more about the experience. Today, we will discuss the importance of having an effective coffee label and where you can get yours. 

Importance of coffee labels 

Coffee has got to be one of the world’s most popular drinks. With the emergence of coffee shops like Starbucks, the interest and demand for coffee have reached an all-time high. Starbucks has become so popular that some people even associate it with social status. The secret to that association lies with their brand, and the secret to their brand is their label. 

Having a good label doesn’t just revolve around creating a random design and putting it on your product; it’s about putting thought into making it. Some companies use packaging that encapsulates what their company is all about; others include essential information on their labels, along with eye-catching art. The only limit is your imagination when making your unique label. 

Coffee labels should also evoke emotion in some way. Some people prefer a more visual medium, and if you manage to catch these people’s attention, you have already secured a good customer base. 

There are a lot of benefits to be gained when you have a good coffee label, but the most important one is sales. This is why people invest a lot in graphic design and printing. Graphic designers ensure that all of your ideas are translated to the design, and companies who print the labels make sure that it all comes out beautifully. 

Examples of beautiful coffee labels

Now that we’ve covered the importance of having an effective coffee label, let us show you some exciting coffee labels. Some of these labels convey the company's ideals, some contain helpful information, and others are catchy. The common denominator they have is, they make you want to buy that coffee. 

1. Onyx Coffee Lab 

Onyx Cofee Lab


Onyx Coffee Labs went for the black and white with the skull theme, giving their products a cool and hip vibe. The design is representative of the generation that enjoys small coffee shops and art. The font styles used are attractive, with the Onyx brand name written in cursive, but the other words written in an old western style. 

This design is one of those designs that cater to a specific market and may also attract customers with different tastes. Those looking for something new to try might give Onyx Coffee a try because of the catchiness of the label alone. 

2. Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea Company

Joffrey’s Stockholm blend coffee


Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea company went creative with their labels. The design on the labels features old-timey art, reminiscent of posters you will see around the late 19th century. For their Stockholm Blend, they used a Viking as their primary design, and the colors of their packaging match the label. 

Other products from Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea company include the Sinful Delight, with a devil mixing up a coffee cup as the centerpiece. Another one is the Tiramisu, with a stack of Tiramisu looking like the leaning tower of Pisa as the design. 

These designs will undoubtedly capture the customers' imagination and make them want to buy the products. Their label is an example of good marketing, as it is creative and entertaining. 

3. Middle Fork Roasters 

Middle Fork Roasters Cofee


With growing concerns regarding environmental protection these days, Middle Fork Roasters heeded the call by having their designs printed on paper bags. The art gives off a rustic feel to the product, and even without tasting the coffee, you can already imagine what it might taste like. 

Their design also makes you want to dig deeper and discover what’s within the bags. The minimalist design creates a mystique around the product, making people buy it. This is a perfect example of a design that captures the customers' interest. 

4. Black Goat Coffee

Black Goat Coffee


Black Goat Coffee went for a minimalist design with no distractions in the background. Your eyes will immediately be drawn to the center, where the logo and the information are located. Both the black and the white packaging are striking because of the font style and the red ribbon breaking the monotony of the design. 

Their design choice makes you want more. The minimalist motif invites you to discover the taste and not just dwell on the packaging, making this label effective. 

5. Archer Farms Coffee 

Archer Farms Coffee


The pastel colors against the black backdrop make the designs of Archer Farms Coffee stand out. The art featured on different blends also indicates where the beans came from, which is nice. The font style doesn’t take away from the label's centerpiece, which is the art, and it even adds to the sophisticated feel of the packaging. 

Get your custom coffee label printed today

Having a label that people can associate with your product is good, and it means that your products have an identity, which is one more minor aspect of marketing to worry about. Some people might judge your product for how it looks and not how it tastes, and that’s a fact. That’s why having a good coffee label is essential. 

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Discover the importance of having a captivating coffee label, and find out where you can get yours printed in Singapore.