Sticker Printing in Singapore: Everything You Need to Know

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Whether for businesses, for cars, or just about any reason you can think of, stickers have become a staple when it comes to design. Stickers allow you to indicate information; they can also make a statement that shows your personality. While companies who make stickers are a lot, it can be hard to find the perfect company that does sticker printing in Singapore. 

Apart from the design itself, you also have to consider other things, like its quality, material, and longevity. After all, if you’re going to be using stickers for a specific reason, it might as well serve its purpose correctly, right? 

Join us as we discuss sticker printing in Singapore and everything you need to know about it. Discover different materials and their purposes, and then decide for yourselves what you want to go with. 

Start with the Right Questions

To get the very best out of your sticker printing, you must begin by asking the right questions. The first question you should ask is what do you need your stickers for? This is arguably the most important question as it will point you in the right direction and help you find the right sticker printing company for you.

Business Purposes

One of the most popular reasons for working with a sticker printing company in Singapore is business. Business in Singapore is extremely popular due to several factors and as a result, it is a hotspot for companies on a global scale. You must begin by identifying the reason for your stickers. Are you launching a new product? Are you in the process of creating a new brand? Are you advertising for a particular event? Or are you restructuring the way you package your current products? If any of these questions apply to you, then having your stickers professionally printed is certainly a good option.

Professional stickers bring with them a number of benefits that you may not have realised in the past. They can provide you with a professional look that entices your consumer, filling them with confidence when buying from your brand. The higher the quality of your sticker, the more you can use it as your very own marketing tool without needing a huge budget. In fact, they can actually help you build organic advertising. For example, if you produce children’s toys and print fun stickers, children will enjoy using them and will post them all around their local neighbourhood! This will allow for free advertising without the costs associated with a large marketing campaign.

Creative Purposes

The creative industry in Singapore has never been better. From upcoming musicians, famous artists and professional graphic designers, the industry is thriving. Custom labels or printed stickers are a great way of self-promoting for individuals within these industries – especially if you already have that creative flair! Using custom stickers, you can promote your business, services or even an upcoming event or exhibition that you’re hosting. The options are truly endless and will allow you to utilize your creative side to appeal to your audience.

Home Purposes

Although many people overlook the use of stickers within the home, they can actually be very useful. Printing your very own personalised labels can help you to identify belongings in your home office, create reminders for your day and prevent items from going missing around the home. It’s one of the best ways you can remain organized and will help to save you hours of stress in the long run. After identifying the purpose of your stickers, it’s time to get started. But where do you start?

Types of stickers

For something that looks simple, there are a lot of types of stickers out there. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, and learning about these things can help you decide which one is perfect for you. 

Here are the types of stickers and their features: 

1. Vinyl stickers

vinyl car sticker

Vinyl is a flexible material that can adapt to any surface. It’s also durable and waterproof, making it a perfect outdoor sign on just about any type of surface. Vinyl is also a popular design material for cars because it not only makes your cars look good, it’s also aerodynamic, so nothing gets sacrificed. 

There are four types of vinyl to choose from, and each varies in its looks and materials. Here are the four types of vinyl stickers: 

  • White glossy removable vinyl - Just as the name suggests, this type of vinyl has a glossy finish to it. It can also be applied and removed quickly and is waterproof and perfect for outdoor settings. 
  • White matte removable vinyl - This type of vinyl sticker can also be removed easily. However, what sets it apart is its matte finish. The matte finish gives off a more natural look and is perfect if you want your sticker to have a solid look. 
  • White glossy permanent vinyl - Almost every aspect of this vinyl is similar to the white glossy removable vinyl, except for its adhesiveness. This type of vinyl sticker is perfect if you plan on using your design for a long time. 
  • Clear removable vinyl - This type of vinyl sticker eliminates the background of a text or an image, making it perfect if you want a more see-through design. 

2. BOPP stickers

BOPP Sticker

BOPP, which stands for Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene stickers, is more durable and can withstand extreme conditions. This type of material is perfect if you’re planning to use your signs for a long time. Due to its durability, fading is also not an issue for this type of sticker. 

There are three kinds of BOPP stickers: white permanent glossy BOPP, white permanent matte BOPP, and clear BOPP. It pretty much functions like its vinyl counterparts with the same name. 

3. Holographic stickers

holograohic sticker

If you want to give your designs an extra pop, holographic stickers are the way to go. Holographic stickers offer a new layer of design by providing you with a reflective surface. This type of sticker reacts to different light conditions, and it changes colours depending on what angle you’re looking at it. This is taking the term “eye candy” to a whole new level. 

Sticker printing

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With all that being said, a lot of process goes into sticker printing. There’s always the possibility of doing it yourself at home, but different processes like colour matching, die-cutting and buying the necessary materials can be quite a hassle. 

The best way to get high-quality stickers for your business or your personal use is always to go to companies that cater to sticker and label printing. Not only do they have the necessary equipment to do the task, but they also have more than capable individuals to do those things for you. 

Get your stickers printed today 

Whether to display essential information about your business or express yourself, getting suitable stickers can be a significant game-changer. For those looking to see their favourite designs come to life, why not give West Coast Label a visit? When it comes to quality sticker printing in Singapore, they set the standard. 

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Professional stickers bring with them a number of benefits that you may not have realised in the past. They can provide you with a professional look that entices your consumer, filling them with confidence when buying from your brand.