Seasonal packaging has great value for both brands and customers alike. For the customer, it delivers a unique branded experience, for the brand, that experience becomes a personal moment to connect with the customer. 

While every brand has some form of seasonal packaging, however, some brands still produce mistakes in their packaging that can be costly and not maximise the value. So what are the Do’s and Dont’s when creating seasonal packaging? Use this guide to help you start and supervise the execution of your packaging;


1. Prioritise Usability

A pretty design is great, but don’t forget to always prioritise usability. When creating your custom product packaging, always check if they function well in the first place. Even better if your packaging is durable and can be reused for the long term. Not only customers will be happy to receive the special packaging, they will also appreciate its value.

2. Be Dare to Explore

While it’s not wrong to choose the safe path, remember that you’re allowed to be creative with your custom product packaging! Try using different materials, create unique shapes, or experiment with a new design. Just make sure they all fit your products perfectly!

3. Right Season, Right Timing

Once you decide to tap into a certain season, you have to immediately proceed to your packaging vendor. Since it can take a longer time for production, especially if you order in bulk, it’s better to start customising your packaging sooner. When creating custom packaging in Singapore, always opt for a printing vendor that guarantees quality output with a quick turnaround. At West Coast Label, our process is all automated for faster production and minimising the room for error.

4. Reduce the Waste

It’s great to use elements such as ribbons or stickers for your packaging decoration. But, it’s better to calculate them carefully to avoid excessive waste. Again, reusable stuff can provide more value compared to the one-time used ones. Other parts that aren't crucial to protect the product shouldn’t be prioritised. Besides minimising the waste to the environment, you will reduce unnecessary costs as well.

5. Planning Budget Carefully

Once you’ve decided what kind of packaging you’d like to have, it’s time to go for the details. It’s important to ensure that your investment in this seasonal packaging returns well. We can discuss your ideas and we’ll help you create the best packaging without breaking your bank!

Most businesses don’t even think that seasonal packaging is an important part of their marketing plan, when in fact, seasonal packaging can give great benefits when presented right.

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