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Handle With Care: Everything You Need to Know About Fragile Stickers


We’ve all been there; you’ve been waiting for the shipment of the new drinking glass set you’ve purchased online to arrive. The day finally comes, and you greet the delivery man, get the package and bid him farewell. You go into your living room, and you excitedly open the box, only to find out that the glasses are broken. You could give the delivery company a call but decided to investigate further, and upon looking at the box, you don’t see any fragile stickers. 

The importance of fragile stickers could not be understated. They might seem like a simple piece of paper to some, but they play a heavy part in keeping people’s purchases safe. Having them on a box means that people handling those boxes will take extra precautions, and it means having your items delivered to you just as they were advertised and not in a couple of smaller broken pieces. 

Join us as we discuss everything you need to know about fragile stickers and where you can get them in Singapore. 

Importance of fragile stickers    

Fragile stickers serve as a warning or a request for the handlers to take good care of the items. Packing items and delivering them can be a fast-paced job, that sometimes handlers unknowingly toss and turn the boxes around to meet the quota. Fragile stickers remind the handlers to slow down and handle those particular boxes with care. 

According to a spokesperson for a well-known delivery service in this article, what's important is how the items are packed, not whether it has a Fragile sticker. But it certainly wouldn’t hurt if these boxes had the necessary warning stickers on them, would it? 

While it would help if the breakable items were packed safely, having a fragile sticker on the box also relies on the power of people to follow instructions. If we were to go much deeper, having warning stickers also depends on the empathy of the people handling the items. Because like the customers eagerly waiting for their items to arrive in mint condition, the handlers were customers too at some point. 

Items that require fragile stickers 

We’ve discussed the importance of fragile stickers; now it’s time to see which items require these stickers. If your business deals with these items, then this might be the time to consider getting warning labels for your products. If you’re a consumer, then let this list serve as a roadmap to the proper practices and labels the items you ordered should have. 

1. Cups and glasses

Drinking glasses


Cups and glasses are the most common items that require careful handling and a fragile sticker. Aside from the stickers mentioned above, the items should be packed carefully, preferably with cardboard pieces between each item on the set. You may also see a ‘right side up’ sticker on the box, instructing the handlers not to overturn the box to avoid damages. 

2. Electronics

Fragile sticker for electronic items


Electronic items have sensitive internal circuitry that might get broken when dropped or stacked on top of each other. You can also commonly see a ‘keep dry’ and a ‘right side up’ sticker on these items' boxes to avoid damaging the circuits. The packaging also protects the electronic items by utilizing protective wraps like bubble wraps and other soft, shock-absorbing materials. 

3. Specialty items



Specialty items include chandeliers, statues, and figurines. Larger items are disassembled if possible and then wrapped in protective materials, and smaller items are covered with soft materials that can absorb a fair amount of shock. Customers have the option to pay an extra fee for the handlers to put more care in certain items, and these unique items can be an example where that fee can be of use. 

4. Luggage

Luggage with fragile sticker



Travelling can be a pain sometimes, especially when you are carrying breakable items with you. That is why airports are allowing fragile stickers to be placed on your luggage. These stickers inform the baggage handlers to be more careful with your things. The added benefit of you packing your things also ensures the security of these items, and the fragile stickers hammer the point home. 

5. Furniture 



Packing and moving furniture can be tricky, as they are generally larger and have parts that can easily break. Styrofoam is commonly used to secure the item, and fragile stickers with ‘keep dry’ signs are also attached to the box. 

Get your fragile stickers today

Fragile stickers might not have a considerable impact on us, especially if the boxes we see them on are not our own. But it means a lot for the customers and the handlers. On the one hand, the customers expect a high-quality product; on the other hand, the livelihood of the handlers might depend on how efficiently they’ve handled the items. 

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