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Why should you use custom carton boxes?

Carton boxes are among the most crucial custom packaging box products. They are mainly used for transportation. They are also an excellent way to safely ship and store any goods you may need to move from one place to another. There are many reasons why custom carton boxes should be used rather than regular-sized ones.

It used to be common to use generic boxes and packaging material in the past. The reason for this is that they are effortless to find. You could go to any store and get them. The problem is that these carton boxes are not fit for shipping your products. You have to make sure that your products are secure inside and there will be no damage done during transit. 

The way your product is packaged and shipped can make or break your business. Much time, money, and effort go into product packaging and shipping. You want to make sure that your package reaches its destination. Intact and without any damage.

If you want to sell some of your products or services, you should consider packaging them in a custom carton box. This is because a custom carton box will help increase the number of products or services you sell. You may have heard the expression that you need to "dress for success". This expression is true for business. The reason that you need to dress for success is that it makes you look more professional.

In addition, using custom printed carton boxes makes it easier for customers to identify your company. Custom printed carton boxes also give your company a more professional look. This makes customers trust you more and a benefit in the eyes of other companies.


Light blue and violet packaging

1. Custom carton boxes are eco-friendly

The material used to make carton boxes is recycled paper and sawdust. Making this material requires less energy than making new cardboard. So it's good for the environment. Also, because they're made from recycled cotton, there's less waste at the end of the production process. 

In addition, carton boxes are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. If you have an e-commerce business that sells packages, consider switching to custom carton boxes. They'll make your products stand out on store shelves and in customers' homes.

There is a wide variety of carton boxes available in the market. It can be challenging to know which one is best for which product. To help you choose the most appropriate packaging box, we have prepared a few tips to help you make the right choice. 

The most used material for carton boxes is cardboard. This type of packaging box is light and easy to carry. It's usually made out of recycled materials. They are also strong enough to keep your products safe while they are being shipped. The price of cardboard boxes depends on their size.

If you want a natural packaging solution that is eco-friendly and sturdy enough to protect your products during transport, you should consider using wooden carton boxes. These packaging boxes are more expensive than cardboard ones and more durable. You can use them for a more extended period without replacing them.

While you might be used to purchasing products in retail packaging, you may not have considered the environmental impact of that packaging. For example, did you know that a cardboard box can be recycled up to seven times? Trying to find ways to cut down on your eCommerce business's environmental impact can help boost your company's reputation. This can encourage customers to return.

Here are some ideas for making your carton boxes more eco-friendly: 

Get rid of plastic bubble wrap. Instead, opt for tissue paper or air pillows inside of your cartons. These materials can protect delicate items without adding unnecessary weight or space, and they're both easy to dispose of after use. 

Don't be afraid of damaged boxes. Some people worry about using damaged packages. They don't want the customer to think that the products inside aren't cared for. But when it comes down to it, a slightly damaged box isn't going to hurt anything. It can save you money on shipping and storage costs as well as keep extra materials out of landfills.


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2. Custom carton boxes create higher value in shipping

Shippers may be aware of the stats showing that around 80% of all goods are delivered in cartons. But when they look at their bottom lines, they realize the revenue from carton boxes is nowhere near what it could be if there were more focus on carton design and value-added services. 

As a shipper, your company will benefit from providing packaging products your customers want to use. For example, one large producer of frozen food had been using the same standard carton for years without seeing any increase in sales because the current box was just considered part of the shipping cost. The company wanted to add value to the product and use custom carton boxes to support sales growth.

There are many reasons why a business should consider custom packaging over standard retail packaging. Custom packaging creates the most significant perceived value for their product. This makes sense because it is a fact that people respond to value. 

It also enables the product to be shipped more securely than can be accomplished with retail packaging. This can be important, especially when shipping expensive items such as computers and other accessories or fragile items. Fragile items include glassware, wine bottles, and dishes. 

Custom carton boxes can also allow for more space within the shipping box itself. Lowering the shipping cost even further. In addition, unique carton boxes allow for a higher perceived value to all products on the shelf, which can help drive sales. 

One of the most overlooked benefits of custom carton boxes is their ability to establish a positive brand image. That is while promoting an effective marketing campaign. By using your brand name printed directly on the cartons themselves. You can establish a memorable image associated with your company's brand name. 

Try using corrugated carton boxes to ensure your packaged product is intact and safe on delivery. Corrugated carton boxes are manufactured with multiple layers of material to keep your product safe as it travels to its destination. 

Tubular and solid fiberboard boxes are two materials used in corrugated carton boxes. This box is durable, making it perfect for shipping heavy items. You can find corrugated carton boxes in various sizes and colors, which gives you the freedom to pick what best suits your product. 

In addition to corrugated carton boxes, paper bags and plastic tubs are great shipping options for shipping products. Plastic tubs are ideal for bulky items because they're lightweight and have an easy-to-carry handle. If you need to send large amounts of small items, paper bags would be an excellent option. Paper bags can carry a lot of weight without breaking or tearing like plastic bags would after some time.


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3. Custom carton boxes save you money in the long run

You might be worried about the cost of customized carton boxes, but they will save you money in the long run. When you order a custom carton box from a company, they will be designed specifically for the items you ship. They will have the right size and shape to fit the product perfectly. 

Using a generic box designed for multiple items could cost more in packaging material to keep your things safe and sound. You might think that if a carton box fits one item perfectly, it should do another item just as well. The problem with this idea is that many of these products are unique and need custom boxes. 

If your package does not fit correctly, it can make the item inside shift around, which could cause damage during shipping or be notified when someone opens it on the other end. This will cause your product to look unprofessional and could even cause it to get returned by a customer or not accepted by a shipping provider.

While it's true that custom-printed carton boxes can be a little more expensive, they look a lot nicer than plain white boxes. This can help you stand out from your competition. For example, if you have a bakery or gourmet food business, you can use bright pastel colors to impress potential buyers. Or, if you run an online jewelry store, plain white boxes will be austere compared to your colorful inventory. 

The best part about custom carton boxes is designing them with your company name and logo. No one else will have the same box as you, so people are more likely to remember who made them and come back for more. You can even design different carton box styles for other products so that your customers have something to remember you by every time they open their cupboard or refrigerator.


Different sizes of carton box

4. A custom carton box is one of the best and most effective ways to pack a product

Packing is an essential part of the shipping process. It's the step that goes between storing a product and placing it into someone's hands. If your packaging is cheap and poorly made, you're sending that your products aren't any good either. If it's high quality, you're setting yourself up to be taken more seriously and make a better impression with customers. With this in mind, many people overlook custom carton box packaging as a viable option.

Many people know the importance of custom carton boxes to ship products. However, many options are available that many feel overwhelmed or unsure about which ones are best for them. To narrow down your choices, let's start with what makes a custom carton box so great in the first place.

The best way to pack a product is to purchase a custom carton box. A custom carton box is made of corrugated paperboard. It is highly durable and resistant to water, moisture, and oil. The customized carton box is easy to be customized, and it can be reused multiple times. The custom carton box has high strength, rigidity, good folding endurance, lightweight, and excellent water-proof performance. 

These features can ensure the safety of products during shipments. There are various sizes for the product packaging boxes, especially for the feature products with high value. The product packaging boxes can be customized according to size, color, or printing requirements.

Once you have decided to ship your products, you need to pack them. The usual practice is to fill your products in a box of appropriate size and then put that box inside another box for added protection. However, this method can be expensive because you'll have to buy two boxes instead of one. 

Look for custom carton boxes to save money and ensure your products arrive safely. These boxes can be customized according to your needs in terms of size, shape, and quality. They are the perfect packaging solution when the package dimensions are not standard. 

In general, a custom carton box is better than a regular cardboard box because it is more durable than an ordinary cardboard box, and it can provide more excellent protection for your product. A custom carton box is commonly made with a solid bottom panel to provide extra strength and durability. 

It is also designed with flaps or tabs that can be used to close up the box. The flaps or tabs are usually folded over several times to secure closure. These make a custom carton box ideal for shipping small or fragile items such as expensive electronic gadgets or automotive parts.


Colorful carton boxes

The three benefits of custom carton boxes


It is essential that your product packaging is attractive. When you are planning to design a new package for your product, you should focus on aesthetics and try to protect your products. Packaging plays a vital role in enhancing the quality of your products. If you are selling online, then, in that case, you will have to take care of the product packing and shipping as well. And for that, you need to know about carton box designs.

Aesthetics play an essential role in attracting customers and ensuring they keep coming back to your store. There is no point in using it if it doesn't have any aesthetic quality. It would be best if you had custom carton box designs that are unique and beautiful to enhance the look of your product inside them. This way, by just looking at the box itself, people will be attracted to them and willing to buy them from your store.


If you are running a business and using the services of custom carton boxes, you will have to consider the security part more. Carton boxes are usually made of paper or cardboard. Paper and cardboard might be used for many purposes. In this case, it is best to protect them from damage or theft. 

The importance of using carton boxes for security cannot be ignored. It can give you protection from the hands of thieves and those who want to steal your items sold in the store. But if you use carton boxes, you need not worry about it anymore. 

When purchasing carton boxes, make sure they are made with high-quality materials so that they will not easily break or get damaged. This is important as it will affect your products inside, especially delicate items such as jewelry and other accessories. If you ensure that the carton boxes are strong enough, a thief will find it hard to break into them.

The worst drawback of traditional packaging is that it doesn't provide security for your product. When you can't see inside the package, you cannot determine whether or not your product has been damaged during transit. To overcome this problem and maintain an image of professionalism for your business, you will want to consider using a custom carton box.

The main advantage of the corrugated carton box is that it is cheap, solid, and versatile. The corrugated carton box is used in the grocery industry and the retail sector to package products. However, not all carton boxes offer the same level of protection. If you are buying carton boxes for your business, make sure you buy only those that provide security and durability.

Damage Control

Whether shipped locally or internationally, shipping carton boxes act as a suitable protective shield for your products. Unlike regular cardboard boxes, custom carton boxes are made of heavy-duty paperboard, which is more durable. Due to their flexibility, custom carton boxes can be used depending on the purpose. 

If you're considering shipping a fragile product in a custom carton box, you must choose the right kind of box. When it comes to protecting your product during transit, three main factors determine the effectiveness of a custom carton box:

Carton Box Strength: The strength of a box indicates how much weight it can hold. The stronger, the better. A strongbox will minimize the chances of your product being damaged during transport.

Carton Box Size: The size of the carton should be large enough to accommodate your product and provide proper cushioning. A common mistake businesses make is buying a box that's too small for their product or doesn't offer enough cushioning.

Carton Box Style: The style of the box can affect how well it protects your product during transport. For example, some packages have vents to allow air to circulate more efficiently so that if your product becomes warm during transit, temperature changes don't cause damage. Other boxes are explicitly designed to protect against impacts and are structurally designed to minimize dents and different types of damage caused by rough handling.


When doing business, you have to keep in mind that there are different customers. Some are careful, and others are careless. Thus, it is essential to be cautious of your products by using the best packaging material to ensure that your products reach the end user safely. Get your custom boxes now at West Coast Label!


Carton boxes are among the most crucial custom packaging box products. They are mainly used for transportation. They are also an excellent way to safely ship and store any goods you may need to move from one place to another. There are many reasons why custom carton boxes should be used rather than regular-sized ones.