Benefits of Customising Your Packaging

If you own an e-commerce business or are considering starting one, we suggest you explore packaging customisation. Here we provide some insights about why you should get your own custom packaging

1. They are designed specifically for your products

We all know that the basic function of packaging is to give protection towards the products inside, ensuring them stay undamaged until finally received by the customers. But, what distinguishes customised packaging from their regular counterparts is they are made specifically for your products. This can be very useful mainly if you sell unique products that come with certain shapes, are vulnerable or need special protection. By customising your packaging, you protect your own products and secure the quality according to their particular needs.

2. Great for Boosting Brand Awareness

Since packaging is the very first thing that people notice about your products, it will be a great idea to utilise them as your marketing material. Put your brand name, logo, tagline, illustration or anything that you think can properly define your brand. Feel free to show off! You can decide to design the packaging by yourself or discuss the idea first with the printing company you’ve selected. Oftentimes, discussing the design idea can lead to more findings that can be optimised later when producing the packaging. Moreover in the sea of competitors outside, it’s important for your brand to have its own characteristic in order to stand out. Keep in mind that the more attractive your packaging, the bigger the chance for your brand to get recognised and leave your customers impressed. If most of your customers are active on social media, you can even get a free promotion when they upload their unboxing photos or videos. Stay open to fresh ideas and don’t hesitate to express your design style!

3. Enables You to Include Details

It’s your customised packaging, you have full control over it. Including adding details to it. Whether they are technical details such as barcodes, handle warning, expiry date, or anything you consider should be presented. With customising service, you can make sure the information gets delivered without affecting the packaging design.


A study indicates that 60% to 70% of final purchase decision is made based on the product package. Most of the customers also like the simpler packaging better since they are easier to carry anywhere