Leaflets Printing – Choosing leaflets or flyer

When serving customers which doesn’t have printing knowlwdge, many of them ask question like “what is the difference between leaflets and flyers?”. Using both terms interchangeably in leaflets printing making the situation more confusing.

In the case of flyers, there is usually little in the way of graphics or design; because they are designed to grab the attention of as many people as possible. The flyer is usually printed on brightly coloured paper that is of all-purpose weight, such as A6 paper.

The leaflet is usually more professionally-designed, with far more thought given to its content. The leaflet can also be printed on coloured paper or in colour. However, the weight of the paper leaflets are printed on is often different from the weight used to print flyers, usually A4 or A5.

Due to the differences in paper weight, a leaflet will cost more to print than a flyer. As well, leaflets will cost more to print because they contain more elements and colours in its design than the majority of flyers do.

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