Leaflets Printing

Leaflets are printed and usually folded sheets of paper created for distribution, usually containing advertising, informative or promotional material. Leaflets also referred to as brochures, can be typically folded in three sections. A leaflet can consist of a single page or up to as many as 50 sheets which have been printed on both sides. Leaflets are one of the simplest yet effective tools to utilise in terms of speed, delivery, price and value for money. Leaflets are useful for advertising since they can be printed with or without the use of graphics. Leaflets have many benefits including the following:

  1. Cost Efficient – Leaflet advertising is cheap, economic and painless.
  2. Awareness and Coverage – Leaflets can enable exposure & can communicate new business ventures.
  3. Speed and Efficiency – Can generate awareness in a short period of time and can be easily distributed.
  4. Flexibility – As a marketer, one can alter the leaflets depending on the products or market situation.
  5. Communication and Promotion – Viable and effective method for advertising and marketing campaigns.

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